Medicare Star Quality Ratings

Medicare Advantage 5-Star Plans

The Five Star Quality Rating System for Medicare Advantage Plans, administered by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), measures Medicare Advantage plans and allows Medicare beneficiaries to switch from a lower rated plan to a 5-star rated plan any time of year.

More than 50 quality measures are thoroughly reviewed. They include: staying healthy, managing chronic conditions, member satisfaction, customer service, and pharmacy services. Based on CMS' findings, each plan is assigned a rating between 1 and 5 stars:

  • A 5-star rating means that the plan is "Excellent."
  • A 4-star rating means that the plan is "Above Average."
  • A 3-star rating means that the plan is "Average."
  • A 2-star rating means that the plan is "Below Average."
  • A 1-star rating means that the plan is "Poor."

chart explaining star ratings for Medicare Advantage HMO plans

The Medicare Star Ratings provide Medicare beneficiaries with a tool to compare the quality of care and customer service that Medicare health and drug plans offer, helping you make better health care choices.

Earning the 5-star Medicare health plan distinction is no easy feat and is a testament to a plan's quality. And according to Medicare, higher quality means better care and value-and that's why choosing a 5-star-rated plan can be so important for you.

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Oct. 15-Dec. 7

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65th birthday month + the 3 months prior and after


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