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Preventive Care

A Four-Step Approach to Staying Healthy
Preventive care means taking steps to prevent illness or injury. Those we've outlined here will help you get a better picture of your overall health, and help you implement changes that'll result in more positive outcomes as you age.

Knowing these steps—and acting on them—are the keys to aging well. Simply put, avoiding disease is better than treating it. So take action now by following these recommendations, and then schedule a yearly well-care visit to talk about your progress. You'll rest assured that you're doing everything possible to enjoy many healthier years.

Preventive care includes:
1. Immunizations

  • Tetanus and diphtheria vaccines every 10 years, plus a pertussis booster in adulthood
  • Pneumococcal vaccine after age 65
  • Hepatitis A and B vaccines for those at high-risk
  • Flu vaccine every year
  • Shingles vaccine once after age 65

2. Cancer screening
Breast cancer: mammograms and in-clinic exams recommended every 1-2 years; talk with your doctor after age 75

  • Colon cancer: yearly hemoccult tests or colonoscopies every 10 years after age 50; discuss with doctor after age 75
  • Prostate cancer: talk with your doctor

3. Cholesterol and blood pressure

  • Cholesterol test: men begin at age 35; women begin at age 45
  • Blood pressure check every year

4. Health assessment and intervention

  • Take a health assessment and discuss it with your doctor
  • Exercise 30 minutes a day
  • Manage your chronic conditions
  • Adjust your diet: 5+ fruits, vegetables, and whole grains per day
  • Know your ideal body mass index (BMI) and watch your weight
  • Quit using tobacco and limit your alcohol intake
  • Keep your mind active

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