Getting Stronger Every Year

Alan Serebrin


Alan SerebrinMy knees were battered by years of athletics in my youth. In 2005, at age 56, I had no meniscus left in either knee, and the pain was terrible. I couldn't delay knee replacement surgery any longer.

Before surgery, I attended a pre-surgery group visit. We passed around the amazingly light titanium replacement joints, and listened to a woman talk about her experience. She told us her knees got worse after her operation because she didn't keep up with her physical therapy. Hearing that, I decided I'd do whatever it takes to get successful results from my surgery.

I had both knees done at once and the surgery went smoothly. Rehabilitation was pretty rough, but I worked hard at physical therapy to get my life back. In about eight weeks I graduated from a walker to crutches to a cane. Today, I can hike, climb ladders, and do yoga poses I couldn't do for 20 years. Recently I saw my surgeon, Dr. Charles Jung, and I jumped up and down to show him how well my knees are working.

POSTED: January 2010

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