Midwives a 'Stellar' Team

Adrienne Schultz


Adreienne Schultz and her babyOn Oct. 16, 2009, I was fortunate to give birth to a healthy son at Overlake Hospital. Throughout the pregnancy and delivery, I had the pleasure of working with Group Health's Bellevue Medical Center midwives, specifically Nicki Ullery, Diane Baskin-Thompson, and Michelle Harris, a student midwife. They are an amazing group of women.

I had a rough delivery experience with my first son at another hospital. At my first appointment with Group Health's midwives, Diane took the time to listen to all my concerns, comments, and opinions about the first birth, including my strong desire to have a vaginal birth after cesarean section (VBAC). She was open-minded, helpful, and reassuring, but also realistic about the success of a vaginal birth for our second son. My husband and I left cautiously confident that this birth would be very different, thanks to the steps Diane suggested and put in place. We continued to receive exceptional service from all the other midwives.

The birth, though hard work, was a dream come true. Nicki and Michelle were compassionate, creative, and hard working. They knew how important the VBAC was to my husband and me, and dedicated themselves both day and night to making it happen. They respected every one of my requests and always consulted me before making any changes when obstacles arose. Nicki was a fantastic midwife and Michelle has the gift to be a great midwife. Truly, there are no words that express the depth of my gratitude.

Following the birth, Diane stopped by our room to share the joy and make sure everything was OK, and her personal interest in our birth story was palpable. She is a huge asset to the team. Group Health should be proud of their Bellevue midwives. They are a stellar group.

POSTED: April 2010

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