A Great Beginning at Family Beginnings

Julie Richards


Julie Richards' babyWhile my birth story is unremarkable in the context of the thousands of other women's stories, it changed our lives forever.

It started with the great prenatal care I received from my doctor, Megan Reitz, who gently but firmly told me three weeks before my due date that I would need to start staying home with my feet up (not news I wanted to hear).

I went into labor the day I was going to be induced due to some high blood pressure issues and immediately called the Family Beginnings Center at Capitol Hill. They knew exactly who I was and Larissa, the first of three wonderful nurses I would have the fortune to meet, was there from the beginning to constantly quell my husband's and my fears that something (or everything) would go wrong.

During the delivery process, I promptly forgot everything I had learned in my birth class. Larissa instructed me on breathing techniques and different positions and really kept me going through the pain.

My next nurse, Tiana, was by my side to encourage me through the pushing and our daughter's entrance into the world. Jennie, a nurse and former midwife from New Zealand, was there each morning and gave both me and my husband invaluable parenting tips and care advice.

We are grateful for the amazing care we received from our Group Health care team.

POSTED: December 2009

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