Repeat Performance Impresses Worried Mom

Andrea Foote


Andrea Foote's son, ChaseRecently, I had to use Group Health to its fullest. My son Chase (seen at right) came down with a nasty flu bug. After a quick call to the Port Orchard Medical Center, we got an appointment for the same day. After seeing his regular pediatrician, we were sent home with a nebulizer machine and instructions to treat Chase's symptoms.

Two days later, we had to go into the Tacoma Medical Center to see a specialist for another reason. While there, Chase's breathing became quite shallow and labored. One of the nurses walked us over to pediatrics and had Chase seen right away. The pediatrician spent almost an hour with us, getting stats, making sure everything was OK, and doing everything he could to make Chase more comfortable. They had no idea I was a staff member myself, so it was a great feeling to leave the center knowing that the clinicians treat all patients with such care.

Not long after arriving home, Chase's fever spiked and, after a call to the Consulting Nurse, we were off to Silverdale Urgent Care. Once again, we were seen within 15 minutes of arriving, with the staff taking all Chase's stats again and making sure he was comfortable. While we were there, Chase's fever came down. They took a chest X-ray to rule out pneumonia and did a nebulizer treatment. After being there practically all day, it was nice to leave knowing that we had received the best medical attention we needed as soon as we walked in, from a staff that was concerned and cared for me and my sick child. I wish I knew the names of all the people involved to tell them thank you.

POSTED: May 2009

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