Great Care for Son's Rare Condition

Dawn Burns


Dawn Burns with her son and husbandMy son, Ty, has been diagnosed with a very rare condition called pseudotumor cerebri. This has been the worst year of his young life, and I just wanted to offer our story.

Group Health has probably spent $100,000 on Ty without one complaint or judgment. They have cared about our son every step of the way, and when every course of treatment didn't work, they were willing to go to the next step immediately.

We are seeing a neurosurgeon now, and as scary as that is for us, we couldn't have had the strength to help our child get the treatment he needs without Group Health's commitment to us.

I have heard people use the stupid term "Group Death," and I am a walking rebuttal to that. Thanks for everything 1,000 times over.

POSTED: April 2009

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