Nurses Are Heroes for Family With Premature Son

Amy Benson


Amy Benson and her familyAs I was filling out a customer service survey following our experience at Family Beginnings, I wondered how on earth I can properly thank all the people at Group Health who have been my absolute heroes. I wondered at how blessed we are for having a son who came so early and is doing so well — he weighed in at 3 pounds 11 ounces at birth and spent seven weeks in the Special Care Nursery.

Every nurse who watched over Hale during his time in the hospital was incredible. It was so clear they do their jobs out of love. I would turn the corner in the Special Care Nursery toward Hale's corner ("a womb with a view," one nurse called it) and 85 percent of the time there would be a sweet someone there, checking on him, talking to him, and caring for him. Then I would walk in and they would check on, talk with, and care about me too.

They taught us so much — tricks on how to change a diaper, the ergonomics of breastfeeding, that it is OK (indeed, necessary) to leave the hospital. When I talk about the nurses at Group Health, I pretty much well up with tears every time. When they were taking care of my baby, I knew they were doing a better job than I could at the time. My husband Scott and I feel so grateful and blessed to have had them.

POSTED: August 2009

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