Maternity Services

Group Health Medical Centers' maternity services are designed to provide plenty of options to meet your individual preferences and needs. You can choose midwifery care or specialized obstetrical care. Delivery in a hospital or at home. Unmedicated childbirth or an epidural (special medication to block labor pains). Whether you want a lot of support or just a minimum of routine prenatal visits, we make it easy to choose the providers and support you want.

Group Health is committed to teaching the next generation of family physicians, and we have an active medical resident training program. In some cases, our Family Medicine residents may assist with your care if you choose our Family Beginnings Birthing Center at our Capitol Hill Campus in Seattle. The residents work under the guidance of family physicians, obstetricians, and midwives. Residents have completed medical school and are in the final three years of training to become board-certified family doctors. Residents are also available to provide newborn care.

Contracted Hospitals and Providers

Group Health contracts with hospitals throughout Washington state and North Idaho to provide convenient birth services for all our members. Group Health doctors and certified nurse-midwives deliver babies at specialized birth units in some of these hospitals. If you're a member living in the Seattle area, you can deliver your baby at our Family Beginnings Birthing Center on our Capitol Hill Campus.

At other hospitals, Group Health contracts with community physicians and certified nurse-midwives to provide maternity services. Obstetrical providers work closely with pediatricians and home health services in the communities Group Health serves.

Teen Pregnancy and Parenting Clinic

If you're pregnant and in your teens or early 20s, the Teen Pregnancy and Parenting Clinic at our Capitol Hill Campus in Seattle provides prenatal care, labor and delivery management, postpartum care, and well-child care up to age 2.

This program also offers free pregnancy testing and contraception advice. The pregnancy clinic has received local and national awards for excellence in care for pregnant teenagers.

Call 206-326-2656 for more information or an appointment.

Education and Classes

In the Seattle area, Group Health and its partner, Great Starts Birth & Family Education, offer prenatal, baby care, and parenting classes. Your partner or support person is invited to attend all classes with you, and individual teaching is available to those who cannot attend the scheduled group sessions. Some classes have a registration fee. If you live outside the Seattle area, check with our contracted hospitals. Many offer childbirth and parenting classes.

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