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Orthopedic Specialists

Physicians Assistants

  • Alex Angeles, PA-C

    "My goal is to provide the best care and treatment to my patients and improve their quality of life."


    Capitol Hill Campus, South Specialty Center

  • Mark Arrant, PA-C

    "I believe people deserve the best of care possible, and it is my goal and privilege to be on a team of providers who deliver this care."


    Tacoma Medical Center

  • David Castle, PA-C

    "I stress non-operative management for most orthopedic conditions."


    Bellevue Medical Center

  • Alison Chromy, PA-C

    "I strive to provide personalized, quality health care with the ultimate goal of sustaining or increasing my patients' quality of life. I strongly believe in patient/provider communication, and discussing all medical options, in an effort to find a solution that best fits each individual patient."


    Bellevue Medical Center

  • James Hardy, PA-C

    "I believe the foundation of high-quality health care begins with trust, understanding, and a commitment to patient-centered care through a team-management approach between patient and provider. This partnership is important in promoting improved health outcomes through education, preventive care, and innovation for the well being of the patient."


    Tacoma Medical Center

  • Timothy Hunter, PA-C

    "It is my goal to provide the highest quality, personalized care for all of my patients. I believe medical care is enhanced immeasurably when patients are well informed. Therefore, I strive to make patient education a vital part of each visit."


    Capitol Hill Campus, South Specialty Center

  • Tamara Jackson, PA

    Port Orchard

  • Deiter Kaizer, PA

    "I would like to provide the best care I can to the most people I can for the greatest good for the greatest number."


    Tacoma Medical Center

  • Brent Kooy, PA-C

    "I am dedicated to providing every individual with the same high standard of care. I also strive to develop a strong patient-to-provider relationship that promotes mutual respect and trust, while stressing the importance of lifelong health and wellness."


    Bellevue Medical Center

  • Daniel Lipson, PA-C

    "My goal is to empower my patients to generate and incorporate preventive strategies for all aspects of their health care."


    Capitol Hill Campus, South Specialty Center

  • Andrew Neubauer, PA-C

    "I believe that my job is to help patients to keep moving. With my background in rehabilitation, I like to exhaust conservative treatment prior to advising surgery. I strive to keep my patients happy and active."


    Capitol Hill Campus, South Specialty Center

  • Gilbert Ponce, PA-C

    "My goal is to provide greater access to quality, comprehensive orthopedic care."


    Capitol Hill Campus, South Specialty Center

  • Gregory Remien, PA-C

    "My goal is to assist each patient in their pursuit of a healthy and productive lifestyle. Optimal results can be achieved by developing a specialized care plan with the patient. This is accomplished by developing a strong patient-provider relationship based on mutual respect, trust, and patient education."


    Tacoma Medical Center

  • Sanela Samardzic, PA-C

    "Of all the things we do, what our patients are most likely to remember is our compassion. To me, being a good health care provider means getting to know my patients, and building a partnership in which they are involved in their own care and empowered to make informed decisions."


    Tacoma Medical Center

  • Travis Sears, PA-C

    "I believe in respecting each patient as a unique individual and in partnering with patients in order to keep my patients informed and involved in their care."


    Bellevue Medical Center

  • Duong Tran, PA-C

    "My goal is to provide high-quality, up-to-date care, treating all patients as if they were family members. I try to focus on patient education that is easily understood, and I involve my patients with the decision-making process."


    Bellevue Medical Center

  • Carlos Vigil, PA

    "My personal goal is to help patients maintain and regain their health and mobility."


    Tacoma Medical Center

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