Bariatric News: Past Issues

The main monthly topics are listed for past issues of Group Health's Bariatric News. Newsletters offer guidance and education for persons who have had bariatric surgery for weight loss.

For the current newsletter, see Group Health Bariatric Patients.

2016 Newsletters

  • January: Portion Distortion: Resetting how you think about food portions
  • February: Lab tests: Why they are important and what results mean
  • March: Coping with eating disorders
  • April: New food finds: Are they bariatric-friendly?
  • May: Exercise doesn't have to be a chore
  • June: Weight management: Making it sustainable

2015 Newsletters

  • January: When Behavioral Health counseling at Group Health may help after surgery
  • February: How to control emotional eating
  • March: You may know what to do, but without action knowledge is useless
  • April: Why you should get moving and get stronger
  • May: How to control portion sizes, at home and eating out
  • June: Body and mind harmony
  • July: Food budgeting: Pennies and calories
  • September: Habits that will keep you on track
  • October: How to enjoy the holidays without packing on the pounds
  • November: Sorting out what's best: organic vs bariatric-friendly foods
  • December: Your success after surgery depends on your lifestyle changes

2014 Newsletters

  • January: How to make time for exercise
  • February: Letting go of family food habits and attitudes
  • March: Drinking alcohol after surgery
  • April: Dumping: What it is, how it feels, and how to avoid
  • May: Changes in serving size and calories at different post-surgery stages
  • June: How to deal with new attention and emotions when your "shell" is gone
  • July:  Surgery is not a quick fix to achieve your weight goal
  • October: What to do when food becomes an addiction
  • December: Dealing with weight re-gain

(No newsletters in August and September 2014.)

2013 Newsletters

  • January: Benefits of Healthy Choices
  • February: Metabolism
  • March: Dietary Guidelines and Nutrients
  • April: Spring Cleaning: The Fridge, Closet, Thoughts, Relationships
  • May: Making Healthy Decisions Away From Home
  • June: Mind and Body Connection 
  • July: Stay Active and Motivated
  • August: Plan Ahead for Healthy Eating
  • September: How to Identify Weight-Loss Barriers
  • October: Find a Routine That Works for You
  • November: Measuring Success
  • December:  The cost of eating healthy (comparing food options)

2012 Newsletters

  • January: Making Difficult Changes
  • February: Reading Food Labels
  • March: Food Journaling 101
  • April: Joy of Exercise — Really!
  • May: Your Bariatric Team Members: Who Are They?
  • June: Surviving Social Situations
  • July: Drink Up: The Importance of Hydration
  • August: Changing Lifestyle Habits
  • September: Mindful Eating: Be Aware of What You Eat
  • October: Start Healthy Habits Before the Holidays
  • November: Using Technology to Help Manage Weight
  • December: Probiotics: Importance of Good Bacteria
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