Transplant Program

The Transplant Program provides patient-centered care management, with an emphasis on evidence-based medicine. A multidisciplinary team provides consistent, efficient, and cost-effective care for Group Health members who have been approved as transplant candidates.

The Group Health Transplant Program is designed to promote informed decision-making throughout the transplant process. It provides a single point of contact between Group Health and the various transplant centers. All transplant cases are tracked from the time of evaluation until the patient is no longer a Group Health member, or is no longer eligible for transplant.

Group Health is committed to a patient's care and well-being. The transplant process can be complex and confusing. If you have questions, contact the transplant coordinator at 206-901-6324.

Transplant Program Library

Patients and their families may borrow transplant-related books, videos, and other reference materials from the library. For further information about the library, call 206-326-3602.

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