Quit for Life Program

If you smoke or use other forms of tobacco and are thinking about quitting, Group Health highly recommends the Quit for Life® Program. The program has been carefully developed and tested to provide the tools you need to be successful.

The program helps you prepare for quitting, manage withdrawal symptoms, identify triggers that create your urges, learn new behavior and skills to help you remain tobacco-free, and develop a support network.

When you enroll in the program, you receive a packet of materials, including a workbook to help you become tobacco-free. Group Health members also may receive tobacco-cessation support products — including gum, patches, and bupropion SR (the generic form of Zyban) — with a pharmacy copay or at a discounted charge.

Coverage may vary by plan. For benefits, refer to your coverage agreement or contact Customer Service.

Program Options

Quit For Life offers two program options. Choose the method best suited to your needs — both have proved successful in helping people to quit using tobacco products.

Group Meetings

These support groups meet for five weeks and are limited to a maximum of 15 participants. You receive a complete set of program materials combined with the support of group leaders and fellow class members. Group Health regularly offers classes at a variety of times and locations in the Puget Sound region and Spokane.

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Individual Program

If you don't live near a class location or prefer one-on-one assistance, this format is convenient and individually paced. You receive a complete set of program materials combined with a series of personalized telephone counseling sessions.

You also have access to Web Coach®, an interactive Web tool that allows you to stay connected to your goal of quitting tobacco 24 hours a day. With Web Coach you can:

  • Interact with Quit Coaches and peers in the discussion forums
  • Track money saved by reducing tobacco usage
  • Build a Quit Plan
  • Manage stress and avoid weight gain
  • Complete exercises to help you with quitting
  • Watch videos about key topics on quitting tobacco (such as medications that can help you quit)
  • Build a list of allies for support

Contact Information

For more information about Quit for Life, including research data, call 1-800-462-5327 or visit the program websites:

Other sites: Providers | Producers | Employers