Anticoagulation Management Services

Anticoagulation Management Services (AMS) cares for patients who are at risk for blood clots or stroke and who are taking drugs such as warfarin (Coumadin) and Newer Oral Anticoagulants to slow blood clotting. AMS staff includes pharmacists, advanced registered nurse practitioners, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, medical assistants who are specially trained in anticoagulation therapy.

AMS staff monitor patients' lab results to assess if any changes need to be made in the dose of your anticoagulants. They then consult with patients over the phone, recommending dosage changes and setting dates for follow-up lab work. AMS staff also may consult with the patient's personal physician or specialty physicians in complex cases.

What We do for You

  • Help you get started as a new patient and make sure you know how to use our services.
  • Evaluate your health history, current medications, and diet.
  • Help you understand anticoagulation therapy and your individual treatment plan.
  • Give you nutrition and lifestyle recommendations.
  • Perform INR monitoring and make any needed adjustments.
  • Evaluate changes in diet, acute illnesses, and other medications that could affect your therapy.

Your Choice of Labs

Your INR testing can be done at any lab services provider, including Group Health labs. You can also test yourself using a home monitoring device.

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