Choosing a Personal Physician

One of the most important things to do as a new member is to select a personal physician. Depending on your health plan and where you live, you can choose a Group Health doctor who practices at one of our 25 medical facilities or a contracted provider.

Why Choose a Group Health Doctor?

Choosing a Group Health doctor gives you the full benefit of our nationally recognized model of coordinated, patient-centered care.

A strong relationship with your personal physician (also known as your primary care provider) is at the heart of Group Health's model of care. Your doctor knows you and your medical history, and works with you to take charge of your health care, whether you're focused on preventive care, experiencing a temporary illness or injury, or managing a chronic illness such as diabetes or asthma. He or she can help you decide what treatment options are best for you and can help coordinate your medical care.

Why Choose Group Health Medical Centers?

Why Choose a Doctor Now?

Even if you are not currently experiencing any medical problems, there are many advantages to choosing a doctor now:

  • If you do get sick or injured, you may need care immediately, and you won't have to spend time figuring out your options. Having a doctor reduces the chances you'll need to go to an emergency room for a non-emergency condition, saving you time and money.
  • As a new member, it's important to complete a health risk assessment — called your Health Profile. If your assessment indicates you may have some serious health risks — perhaps something you aren't even aware of — your personal physician will be notified immediately and will contact you about coming in for an appointment.
  • If you currently take any prescription medications, your personal physician can make sure you can refill those prescriptions easily and without any hassles.
  • If you register for MyGroupHealth for Members, you'll need to choose a doctor at a Group Health Medical Centers clinic so your online services let you communicate with our clinics, such as making appointments online, sending secure e-mails, and viewing your online medical record.

How to Select a Personal Physician

Use our Provider Directory to find a personal physician who's a good match for you. The directory allows you to read brief biographies of doctors and learn more about their education and training, philosophy of care, and medical and personal interests. You can refine search results based on gender, specialty, location, language, and more.

Contact Customer Service during regular business hours if you have any questions about our doctors or need any help in making a selection.

Next Step: Notify Us

Once you've selected a doctor, you can notify us by calling Customer Service or by using our online Personal Physician Selection Form. 

To notify us online:

  • Log in to this website. You won't see the links to select a doctor unless you are logged in. (You first must register.) 
  • Go to the Provider Directory and find the doctor you've selected. You can enter the doctor's name in the Quick Search box.
  • Click on the doctor's name to see his or her profile page. The link at the top called "Make this doctor my personal physician" opens the Personal Physician Selection Form. Fill out and submit online. (You must be logged in to see this link.)

Don't see the link on the provider's profile page?

  • The "Make this doctor my personal physician" link only displays if you are logged in.
  • The doctor may not be accepting new patients. The "accepting new patients" box on the profile page will be marked yes or no. If you have questions, call Customer Service.

Change Your Doctor at Any Time

You can change your personal physician at any time, for any reason. Simply notify us of your request by contacting Customer Service or submitting the online Personal Physician Selection Form. To access the form, follow the steps above in the "Notify Us of Your Choice" section. You change doctors by selecting a new doctor.  Remember — you must be logged in.

You'll see your new personal physician's name on your secure home page  usually within one business day.

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