Member Advisory Opportunities

Members can join the Senior Caucus or a Leadership Advisory Group, and attend public Board of Trustee meetings. See Member Participation at Group Health Cooperative (PDF).

Leadership Advisory Groups

Leadership Advisory Groups (LAGs) are regional groups that provide feedback to Group Health administrative leaders about Group Health's products, programs, processes, and services. LAGs meet up to four times per year.

LAG members are mostly Group Health members who are insured by employer group or individual/family group plans and are still actively employed. Some LAG members are recent retirees who serve on community boards or commissions, and some LAGs have one or two members who are not Group Health members but are interested in health care issues in their communities.

There are four LAGs:

  • Downtown (Seattle)
  • East King County
  • Pierce County
  • Spokane

For more information, contact Governance Services at 206-448-2080, toll-free at 1-800-252-3305, ext. 12, or

Senior Caucus

The Senior Caucus is recognized by the Group Health Cooperative Board of Trustees as a special interest group (PDF). It provides input to Group Health trustees, medical staff, managers, and other staff on timely topics. Caucus membership is open to all adults who receive their health care at Group Health, but it is particularly relevant to those aged 60 years and older. There are no fees or dues associated with membership.

Caucus Meetings
The Senior Caucus meets regularly throughout the year (PDF).

The Executive Committee governs the work of the Caucus, and meets monthly.

Senior Caucus committees meet on an as-needed basis:

  • Finance Committee: Partners with the Group Health Foundation to oversee the management and allocation of the Senior Caucus Endowed Fund.
  • Leadership Development Committee: Supports and guides Senior Caucus leaders in reaching the goals of their committees.
  • Nominating Committee: Determines the candidates for Senior Caucus officer elections.

The Senior Caucus sponsors an annual forum to meet Board of Trustees and Standing Nominating Committee chair candidates prior to the annual membership meeting. See Classes and Events for meeting announcements.

For information about the Senior Caucus, e-mail or call 206-448-2080 or 1-800-252-3305, ext. 12.

Board of Trustees Meetings

Public Board of Trustees meetings, held a few times a year, include an open microphone session where members can address the Board on all matters except those related to personal health care.

For notices of public board meetings, see Classes and Events or contact the Board of Trustees Office at 206-448-5790, toll-free at 1-800-252-3305, ext. 11, or

Standing Nominating Committee

The Standing Nominating Committee (SNC) is responsible for nominating Cooperative members for election to the Group Health Board of Trustees and for setting trustee compensation. The committee is composed of nine Group Health members and the chair is elected by the voting membership to serve a three-year term.

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