Governance and Participation

Special Meeting of the Membership and Voting Process for Acquisition by Kaiser Permanente

The Board of Trustees of Group Health Cooperative signed an agreement to be acquired by Kaiser Permanente, pending a vote of Group Health's eligible voting membership, and regulatory review and approval. We encourage all voting members to join us for the upcoming special meeting of the membership.

Saturday, Jan. 30 – meeting began

On Jan. 30, Group Health members and community members came together to discuss the proposed acquisition of Group Health Cooperative by Kaiser Permanente, with the overwhelming majority indicating their support.

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In mid-February, a voting guide will be mailed to eligible voters. It will include the result of the advisory vote and a mail-in ballot. Completed ballots must be received by Wednesday, March 9. To help ensure your ballot arrives in time, we suggest you mail it no later than Thursday, March 3.

Saturday, March 12 – meeting resumes
9-10:45 a.m.
Smith Cove Cruise Terminal, 2001 West Garfield St.

Resolution voting results will be announced.

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Financial Fairness Opinion

Evercore Written Opinion and Related Information

In connection with its consideration of strategic alternatives, and to evaluate the fairness from a financial point of view of the proposed transaction, the Board of Trustees engaged Evercore Group, L.L.C. ("Evercore"). Evercore has rendered a written opinion to the Board of Trustees to the effect that the purchase price, as adjusted for the refundable membership fees to be paid to current Group Health members, to be paid by Kaiser to Group Health Community Foundation is fair to Group Health from a financial point of view.

The following link contains the full text of Evercore's written opinion, dated December 1, 2015, which sets forth, among other things, the assumptions made, procedures followed, matters considered and qualifications and limitations on the scope of review undertaken by Evercore in rendering its opinion. Additional important information regarding Evercore's written opinion ("Additional Information") precedes the opinion. We encourage you to read Evercore’s written opinion and the Additional Information carefully and in their entirety. The above description of the Evercore opinion is qualified in its entirety by reference to the full text of the opinion and the Additional Information.

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