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Our Fitness Network Can Help Get You Moving

Our Fitness Network can help get you moving.

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Scott Armstrong

A few weeks ago, I started training for the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon. This event, co-sponsored by Group Health, is held in Seattle in June. I'm fairly new to running, so I'll be thrilled to make it to the finish line, achieving my 2012 fitness goal.

Having both short- and long-term goals makes it much more likely that I'll stick with my training program. Just as important is being part of a community that helps keep me focused on those goals. It's one reason that I frequent my neighborhood fitness center, where I'll usually see a few other Group Health colleagues. They notice if I don't show up for a few days, or if it looks like I've put on a few pounds. (And they'll say something.) They also notice when I achieve something I've been working toward.

We created the Group Health Fitness Network to make it easier for you to join events that will help you meet your goals and connect with others pursuing the same thing. The Fitness Network is a modern expression of some of the fundamental principles that have served Group Health members for 65 years. Our founders believed in the importance of preventing disease and promoting health — making it easier to do the right thing, and take responsibility for improving our own health.

If you visit our Fitness Network website, you'll find all the community events — runs, walks, rides, triathlons, and kids' fitness camps — that Group Health is sponsoring. Members and staff are eligible for registration discounts for most events, which hopefully helps to remove cost as a barrier that might keep you from participating. And when you register, we'll help keep you on track with reminders and encouragement.

On the site, you'll find inspiring stories from members and staff who have taken on a fitness goal and discovered what a difference it makes in their life and their health. And you'll also find tips from our doctors and other clinicians aimed at helping you reach your fitness goal.

Setting fitness goals isn't always easy, as I know from experience. After all, it's taken me years to commit to running a half marathon. But I also know what it feels like to set a target, work toward it, and achieve it. I'd like all of you to share that sense of personal satisfaction, control, and renewed energy from meeting your fitness goal. So I hope you'll check out the Group Health Fitness Network, and join me in pursuit of health.






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