PEBB Members: About Our Plans

If you want it all, you've got it all with Group Health. Whether you choose the low premium Value plan, the cost-predictable Classic plan or our  consumer-directed health plan (CDHP) HealthPays Health Savings Account (HSA), you'll have opportunities to save money and be your healthiest every day.

Group Health not only gives you the lowest premium* among PEBB's medical plans (excluding CDHP options), you also get the health plans that work overtime to keep you healthy. There's a 24/7 Consulting Nurse helpline; anytime access to your online medical record; more time with your doctor; a health assessment and report; Health Coaching; discounts for fitness clubs, acupuncture, and chiropractic care; and  tobacco cessation programs. You don't have to look hard to find a service or benefit that fits the way you live.

The Group Health Value Plan**

If you're concerned about monthly costs, the Value plan for PEBB employees has the lowest premium* option for a traditional non-CDHP plan that you can get. Rates are just $65 per month for individuals, $140 for individual and spouse, $114 for individual and children, and $189 for full family. Get all of the same valuable services as the Classic plan, while spending less on your monthly premiums.* Learn more about this plan's rates and benefits.

The Group Health Classic Plan**

The Classic plan for PEBB employees offers lower copayments and annual deductibles packaged with competitive monthly premiums. The plan covers the same benefits and affords access to the same network of award-winning physicians this year as it did last year. Learn more about this plan's rates and benefits.

HealthPays Health Savings Account (HSA)***

Our CDHP, the HealthPays Health Savings Account (HSA), has the lowest premium* of the Group Health plans offered, balanced with a higher deductible and out-of-pocket maximum. This plan allows you to set aside pre-tax money to help pay for qualified medical expenses, such as routine office visits or seeing a specialist. It's a savings account for health care. This plan gives you access to Group Health Physicians, Virginia Mason Medical Center, The Everett Clinic, or the freedom to see any licensed provider of your choice. Learn more about this plan's rates and benefits.


*Source: Public Employees Benefits Board. School district and employer group employees need to contact their payroll or personnel office regarding 2014 rates.

**Coverage is provided by Group Health Cooperative

***Coverage is provided by Group Health Options, Inc.













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