Welcome PEBB Employees

You provide dedicated service to the residents of Washington state. What if you could get the same level of dedication from your health plan? With Group Health, you can. We've got 25 Group Health Medical Centers, including convenient locations close to where you live and work, and a vast network of 9,000 physicians and 42 hospitals statewide* dedicated to your care.

Value Plan**

Lowest monthly premium option for a traditional non-CDHP plan, and predictable out-of-pocket expenses.

Classic Plan**

Lower copays than the Value Plan, predictable out-of-pocket expenses, and rich benefits.

HealthPays Health Savings Account (HSA) Plan***

Our CDHP, the HealthPays Health Savings Account (HSA), has the lowest premium of the Group Health plans offered, balanced with a higher deductible and out-of-pocket maximum. This plan allows you to set aside pre-tax money to help pay for qualified medical expenses — it's a savings account for health care.

Wellness Incentive Through SmartHealth

Members of the Public Employee Benefits Board (PEBB) Program—eligible subscribers and their spouses or registered domestic partners enrolled in a PEBB medical plan—can participate in the state's new voluntary wellness program.

Called SmartHealth, this online program makes healthy lifestyle activities fun, challenging, and social. What's more, eligible subscribers have the opportunity to earn a $125 wellness incentive for 2016.

Please note: You can no longer earn SmartHealth points by completing the Health Profile through your Group Health account. Instead, you'll need to complete the SmartHealth Well-Being Assessment at smarthealth.hca.wa.gov.

Optimizing Your Health
Group Health is dedicated to providing you the best health care. But often it's your own actions that can make the biggest difference in your health. Group Health suggests taking the following steps to become a healthier you.

  • Choose a primary care provider. These providers can help identify which preventive care tests and screenings you need at each stage of life, diagnose and treat a variety of health issues, and help coordinate your care with specialists. By choosing your primary care provider now, you'll have a relationship already in place should you ever need care, and be able to receive tips to keep you from getting sick in the first place.
  • Complete Group Health's online health assessment. Once completed, it will become part of your permanent electronic record. And will help your primary care provider establish a benchmark for your health and point out any areas that may be placing you at risk.
  • Start a wellness program activity. To help you get there, Group Health offers many programs such as tobacco cessation, weight management, and living well with chronic disease. Participation in some of these activities also earns points for the SmartHealth wellness program.

Premium Surcharges

You (the subscriber) may be charged a monthly surcharge in addition to your premium:

Tobacco Use Premium Surcharge
(If you or a family member enrolled on your PEBB medical coverage uses a tobacco product. To avoid a surcharge, adult smokers — 18 and older — can enroll in the Quit for Life Program. Younger users can use these resources.)

Spouse or Registered Domestic Partner Coverage Premium Surcharge
(If your spouse or domestic partner is enrolled on your PEBB coverage)

Diabetes Prevention Program

PEBB is teaming up with the Diabetes Prevention and Control Alliance (DPCA) to bring members the NOT ME Diabetes Prevention Program. Through the program you can learn about the risk factors for prediabetes, as well as measures to take if you have been diagnosed.

NOT ME Diabetes Prevention Program

Top Ranked Doctors Provide High Quality Care

Doctor and patientMore Time With Doctors

With Group Health Physicians, you'll spend an average of 30 minutes with your doctor, and more if you need it.***


Top doctors at Group HealthTop Docs

See our doctors who were named 2014 "Top Docs" in publications around the state.


DoctorA Focus on Specialized Medicine

With Group Health, you can rely on hundreds of specialists, across 60 specialties and subspecialties, to ensure you get expert care if you need it.


A Group Health clinicPutting Patients at the Center

Our advanced model for primary care brings you together with your Care Team and the latest in technology to manage your health care needs.


Doctor and patientRegionally Respected Hospitals

Our care partners include many of the regions most respected hospitals and physician groups including Seattle Children's Hospital, Overlake Hospital Medical Center, and Virginia Mason Medical Center.  You have access to Group Health Cancer Care, supported by our affiliation with Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.

Person using laptop

*Source: OIC Provider Form A

**Coverage provided by Group Health Cooperative

***Coverage provided by Group Health Options, Inc.

****Some services require care with Group Health Medical Centers


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