Pay Your Premium Online

You now may pay your Group Health premium online. This service is for members with a Medicare Advantage plan or an Individual and Family plan (non-employer coverage).

You may pay online each month or — the most convenient option — set up recurring payments.

Premium Payment Website

To get started, register on the Premium Payment website.* Have your statement handy; you'll need to enter some information from it. Registration takes just a few minutes and then you can make your payment right away.

Pay my premium

The website is for premium payments only.

If you receive extra help to pay your plan premium, you might not be able to pay online (if your statement total differs from the amount due). 

Want Help?

Our Get Started Guide (PDF) walks you step-by-step through the registration process so you can make your first payment online.

*The Premium Payment website is separate from the MyGroupHealth for Members website, and has its own registration.

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