Financial Assistance

We understand life can change at anytime. For many working families, disaster is just one illness, job loss, or other tragedy away. Group Health's Sponsored Care programs provide temporary financial safety nets for Group Health patients during difficult times. Many patients who receive this special help are struggling in the aftermath of a catastrophic accident, dealing with major surgery, or coping with a serious chronic disease or life-threatening illness.

Sponsored Care provides financial assistance through two separate sponsorship programs: Charity Care and Health Care Assistance. Both programs require evidence of financial need.

Charity Care

Do You Qualify for Charity Care?

Charity Care is for people who need help paying their hospital bills.

You may qualify for Charity Care if your household income is two times the Federal Poverty Level or less. You do not have to be a Group Health member to qualify for Charity Care.

If you qualify, Charity Care will pay for care you received at Group Health Central Hospital on our Capitol Hill campus. It will also pay for additional doctor visits at the hospital related to an Urgent Care visit.

Some services are not covered by Charity Care, including ambulance transport, cosmetic surgery, bariatric surgery, DNA testing, and travel injections.

How to Apply for Charity Care

Download Group Health's Charity Care application form and policy. Or, get an application form and policy at the urgent care registration desk or at any hospital check-in station.

To receive a free copy of the policy and application form by mail, please contact the Group Health Resource Line at 1-800-992-2279. You can also e-mail your request to

People who receive Charity Care will not be billed more than other patients.

If you have questions about the Charity Care application or policy, please call 206-901-7103 during regular business hours. You can also visit the hospital business office at our Capitol Hill Campus. The business office is in the South Building, Wing A1, Room CSB137.

What to do When Charity Care Ends

Charity Care is short-term and usually ends after 30 days. If you need help paying for follow-up care after your Charity Care ends, please see the following community resources:

If you need help with Group Health bills that Charity Care doesn't cover, call Patient Financial Services at 206-901-7103 as soon as possible to make payment arrangements.

Health Care Assistance

Health Care Assistance helps qualifying Group Health members pay their bills for medically necessary care. It aids members in resolving temporary financial difficulties by providing help with deductibles, copayments, and fees for services provided at Group Health facilities for up to one year.

Group Health waives outstanding patient bills for medically necessary care, provided the patient receives care during the approved sponsorship period and has Group Health coverage on the date of service.

Note: Group Health Options members are not eligible.

    Qualifying for Sponsored Care

    To qualify for Health Care Assistance, patients must have a household income at or below 250 percent of the federal poverty level. To qualify for Charity Care, patients must have a household income at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty level. Patients who have experienced a catastrophic event may be eligible under special circumstances, regardless of household income.

    To see if you qualify, please contact Customer Service.

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