Group Health 'Top Doctors' Honors

Group Health providers have once again received recognition in the 'top doc' ratings by regional magazines.

Thirty-eight Group Health providers were recognized in Seattle magazine's "Top Doctors 2014" issue, which highlights the talents of more than 400 Puget Sound-area clinicians in 101 specialties. More than 1,300 doctors participated in the magazine's survey, submitting nearly 13,000 nominations.

Some 1,400 providers participated in Seattle Met magazine's "2014 Top Doctors and Nurses" list, which honored 96 Group Health doctors, nurses, and midwives.

And, nine of our providers were recognized in the "Best Doctors" issue of Spokane Coeur d'Alene Living magazine.

This well-deserved community recognition validates what Group Health members and employees already know: our doctors, nurses, and other practitioners are among the best in this region.

Family Medicine

Arthur Abbott, MD
Greg Allen, MD
Holly Bays, MD
Joseph Berkson, MD
Wellesley Chapman, MD
Andrea Chun, MD
Barbara Detering, MD
Tammy R. Ellingsen, MD
Alan Fine, MD
John Gayman, MD
Birgit Grimlund, MD
Debra Gore, MD
Fred Heidrich, MD
David Hogness, MD
David Huntington, MD
Sarah Levy, MD
Karin Madwed, MD
Ann McKee, MD
Megan Melo, MD
Timothy J. Meyer, MD
Megan Reitz, MD
Josh Rohr, PA-C
William Sayres, MD
Barbara Schinzinger, MD
Sibyl Siegfried, MD
Kathy Thomas, MD
Jason Wong, MD

Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine

Dan Delgado, MD
John Dunn, MD
Wendy Haas, MD
Debra Harper, MD
Marvin Krober, MD
Jeffrey Lindenbaum, MD
Nancy Lockett, ARNP
Jennifer Meyer, MD
Rob Nohle, MD
Rob Piston, MD
Tim Seppa, MD
Andrew Sinfuego, MD


Sean Adelman, MD, Orthopedic Surgery
Rosemary Agostini, MD; Activity, Sports, and Exercise Medicine
Hugh Allen, MD, Anesthesiology
Sean Amann, MD, Orthopedic Surgery
Aaron Apodaca, MD, Internal Medicine
Bonnie Baker, MD, Internal Medicine
Daniel Baldini, MD, Anesthesiology
Randi Beck, MD, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Michael Belz, MD, Cardiovascular Disease & Cardiac Electrophysiology
William Bender, MD, Neurology
James Benson, MD, Endocrinology
William Butler, MD, Allergy & Immunology
Ryan Caldeiro, MD, Psychiatry
Janet Chestnut, MD, Oncology/Hematology
Chris Canning, MD, Radiation Oncology
Eric Chen, MD, Oncology
Cynthia Tien-Bao Chao, MD, General Surgery
Gakyung Chung, MD, General Surgery
Grace Cinciripini, MD, Ophthalmology (pediatric)
Mark Cook, MD, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Tobias Dang, MD, Psychiatry
Andrew Dunn, MD, Consultative Internal Medicine
Andrew Feld, MD, Gastroenterology
Eric Feldman, MD, Medical Oncology
Tracey Flum, MD, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Stuart Frank, OD, Optometry
Eric Froines, MD, General Surgery
Vishal Gala, MD, Neurosurgery
Mary Galvin, ARNP, Gastroenterology
Robert Gertler, MD, Anesthesiology
Nina Greenblatt, MD, Emergency Medicine
David Grossman, MD, Preventive Medicine
Carol Guthrie, MD, Surgical Oncology
Elena Hannon, MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Amy Harper, MD, General Surgery
Scott Haugen, MD, Cardiovascular Disease
Michelle Heath, MD, Dermatology
Ronald Hebard, MD, Otolaryngology
Paul Herstein, MD, Oncology, Radiation
Suzanna Johnson, ARNP, Anesthesiology
Charles Jung, MD, Orthopedic Surgery
Nancy Kadel, MD, Orthopedic Surgery
Amado Katigbak, MD, Consultative Internal Medicine
David Kauff, MD, Urgent Care
Jason Kettler, MD, Infectious Disease
Man Kim, MD, Ophthalmology
Jeffrey Landers, MD, General Surgery
Stephen Lavine, MD, Anesthesiology
Chong Lee, MD, Neurosurgery
Michael Lee, MD, Ophthalmology
Suji Lee, MD, Nephrology
Kathleen Leppig, MD, Clinical Genetics
Martin Levine, MD, Geriatric Medicine
Jean-Christophe Leveque, MD, Neurosurgery
David Lewis, MD; Pulmonary Disease, Sleep Medicine, & Critical Care Medicine
Thomas Lindquist, MD, Ophthalmology
David Liu, MD, Anesthesiology
Paula Lozano, MD, Preventive Medicine
Susan Masonis, MD, Consultative Medicine
Michael Maxin, MD, Radiology
William McQuinn, MD, Vascular Surgery
Richard Mesher, MD, Neurology
Zach Miller, MD, Infectious Disease
Guenther Muens, MD, Urgent Care
Michael Nevins, MD; Pulmonary Disease, Sleep Medicine, & Critical Care Medicine
Christine Pizzute, MD, Gastroenterology
Art Resnick, MD, Cardiovascular Disease
Jonathan Rhim, MD, Pathology
Tim Scearce, MD, Neurology
Christine Schlenker, MD, Gastroenterology
Rajiv Sethi, MD, Neurosurgery
Andrew Shors, MD, Dermatology
Jana Swett, CNM, Midwifery
Virginia Sybert, MD, Dermatology
Robert Thompson, MD, Infectious Disease
Paul Thottingal, MD, Infectious Disease
Natalia Tishkevichk, MD, Rheumatology
Gunjan Tykodi, MD, Endocrinology & Metabolism
Adrianne Wesol, MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Lisa Williams, MD, Dermatology
Frances Wyant, ARNP, Nursing Home Services
Ilan Zawadzki, MD, Nephrology

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