Changing Health Care for the Better

Group Health has never been an organization to go with the status quo. Finding ways to do things better is part of our DNA. The nation, and the world, is taking notice. The best of health care reform is based on what we are already doing. That's because we're driven by just one question: "What would create the ideal patient experience?"

More Time With Your Doctor

Doctor talking to a patientNo one wants to feel rushed when they see their doctor, whether you need a little time or a lot. So we've changed the physician/patient experience at Group Health Medical Centers to allow for longer appointments. And whenever possible, our doctors leave openings for unscheduled same-day appointments. We know your time is just as valuable as your doctor's.

The Office Visit Isn't the Only Way to Access Care

Person typing on laptopYour health moves at the speed of life, and finding time for an office visit may not always be easy, or necessary. We give you other options to stay connected to your doctor and health care team like sending secure e-mail or scheduling a phone visit. When access to care is easy and convenient, you're more likely to get the care you need when you need it.

Prevention Is First and Foremost

Doctor talking with a patientSometimes the smartest innovations are the obvious ones. We put a priority on prevention because we know that being well is better than being sick. We've created an online Health Profile that gives you a personal assessment of your health with support from professional coaches to help you make those positive changes you want in your life. You also have resources available to help you quit smoking, manage your weight, exercise more, and eat better. Plus a wellness schedule to remind you of life's important health screenings based on your age.

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